Customers role to MWAUWASA

How can you help MWAUWASA to deliver better water service to your premises?

First you can contribute to the MWAUWASA performance by timely payment of your water bill. On her side MWAUWASA employees strive to their level best to deliver safe and clean water to your premises. MWAUWASA daily operations and service delivery depends on consideration from her esteemed customers who voluntarily pays for the rendered service.

Water bill

The water meter at your premises is an instrument used to record water consumption. A water bill represent a monthly water consumption to the customers premises. Once in a month MWAUWASA will read your water meter for the purpose of recording. These readings records are then used to prepare your monthly water bill. Please pay your bill not later than 14 days of the following month.

But there is more you can do!

If you are aware of an illegal water connection or vandalism to the waterworks report this secretly to MWAUWASA Managing Directors office. You can call:

+255 (028) 2500547
+255 784600442
+255 757 595572
or +255 767080825 (office hours).

If you have any other water related issue or emergency (like leakage) please report this to MWAUWASA Office. You can call:

+255 (028) 2500547
+255 784600442
or +255 767080825

Please do not touch or make adjustments to your water meter instead report to MWAUWASA’s office on above named contact details.