The following are procedures for new water connections:

  1. The customer will report to Customer Service unit at zone office or head quarter for application of  connecting water or sanitation services  to take his cost estimates within two working days
  2. Issue customer with New Connection Survey Form to be filled
  3. Record the following particulars in a special Register Book for site survey: Customer’s name, Customer’s phone number, Receipt number, Area for survey, and Area Civil Artisan’s name.
  4. Issue customer with new connection application/agreement form for water supply to fill and submit
  5. Assign an Area Civil Artisan to do site survey for the customer and establish the required site sketches, distance measurement from the main pipe and GIS coordinates
  6. Do new connection survey at customer’s site and advise technically as appropriate
  7. Receive site survey implementation report from Civil Artisan
  8. Check and verify distance, GPS coordinates
  9. Prepare new connection cost estimates and hand customer
  10. Prepare Invoice for new connection
  11. Dispatch invoice to customer and record in a Register date of dispatch with customer’s signature
  12. Receive payment for new connection
  13. Record date of payment for new connection in a Register
  14. Raise Material Requisition Note
  15. Approve Material Requisition Note and check whether customer is in GIS mapping
  16. Supply new connection materials (pipes and fittings)
  17. Collect new connection materials (pipes and fittings) from Supplies Section
  18. Submit customer file to computer room for registration of customer particulars in the billing system (SBM)
  19. Submit file with customer particulars (name, meter number, and account number) to GIS Office
  20. Excavate new connection pipe trench to required depth specification
  21. Check depth & works
  22. Connect water pipe to new customer
  23. Check, approve and back fill new connection works
  24. Verify/declare that the connection was done and supply of water initiated to the customer
  25. Report to Customer Services Office upon completion of new connection works

Submit completed customer file to Registry Office