This is mainly done by our sale assistants by physically visiting sites and obtain current readings once per month (between 10th -25th) by either of the following two methods namely DATA LOGGERS or METER READINGS BOOK  :


The data obtained from field are manually entered into system in case of those brought in Meter reading books, and those brought via data loggers are uploaded into the system. Data verification process is done by examining the nature of the current customer consumptions by involving meter readers and data entry staff. processing is done from 15th to 31st  of a Month. The billing process is run by Smart billing manager (SBM) system, after processing all the data (customer readings),then billing  is done.


These reports are obtained at our production plant Capri point, Chakula Barafu and Luchelele where the amount of water produced is recorded daily from the water meters installed at the plants.


This is done by sending bill information to customer’s Mobile phone via SMS on 1st of every month except for a few number of our Corporate Customers such as Industries, Institutions, and Commercial where it is sent by hand or post.