Meter readings is carried out once per month for each customer. The reading exercise takes place from 10th – 25th.These reading records are eventually used to prepare monthly water bills. Bills information are sent to the customer mobile phone via SMS while printed bills are  distributed to corporate customers by hand or  Post Office Box. Meter reading is normally carried out at the site by either of the two methods namely  DATA LOGGERS or METER READINGS BOOK

DATA LOGGERS These are portable electronic machine (Equipments) mainly meant for capturing data at sites, our staff use them for the same purpose to upload data into the system for the purpose of preparing customer bills.

METER READINGS BOOK.These are books meant for obtaining customer data from field; they have fields that allow to fill in the required information for billing.


Currently, we employ two different methods in checking the accuracy of the installed water meters.

Meter accuracy testing is carried out when a customer complains for an abnormal water consumption trends and lack of trust on the installed meter.

An initial test on the meter accuracy is carried out on the field (site) by the meter repairers in collaboration with the customer. A known fixed volume container (let say a 20 litres bucket) may be used to measure for a given fraction of a cubic meter. If the test shows the predicted results then the meter is assumed to be accurate, otherwise an additional inspection is performed. This usually depends on the satisfaction of the customer and the Authority itself.

If the initial test of accuracy fails, or when for example the customer disagrees on the result of the initial test, the meter is uninstalled and taken to the special meter accuracy-checking center. The center is equipped with a 1000-litres tank rested on a bar about five meters high. The one-cubic meter volume is then allowed to pass through the meter to test its reading accuracy.