Payment of Water and Sewerage Bills

  • You are expected to timely pay your water and sewerage bills. The services shall be disconnected at your premises without further notice as a result of outstanding/pending water and sewerage bills.
  • You are expected to provide accurate and correct address for delivering water and sewerage bills.
  • In addition to the water and sewerage bills, you shall pay such rent for the use of any meter as may be described. All water meters shall be provided and remain the property of the Authority.
  • A customer who fails to settle his/her bill within the stipulated time will be subject to disconnection.
  • Disconnection can also be effected if customer damages a meter.
  • Leakage on service line, which is not repaired, will also be subject to a disconnection.
  • Any individual found consuming water illegally shall be disconnected and subject to legal action which includes:-
  • A penalty of Tshs.150,000 for illegal reconnection.


  • Once an account has been disconnected, reconnection will only be made under the following condition.
  • For non-payment: On settlement of the defaulted amount in full or on signing an installment payment agreement with the MWAUWASA plus a reconnection fee of T.shs.7, 500 or 10,000/= .
  • For damaged meter: Upon payment for meter replacement.
  • For illegal connection/reconnection: Upon payment of the penalties.
  • For leakages/bursts on a service line: After the repairs have been fully effected.