Safe and reliable water is a basic need and right. Water and waste water services are critical components of development. Fresh water is a basic natural resource, which sustains life and provides for various social and economic needs. Safe drinking water and good sanitation practices are basic considerations for human health.

Use of contaminated sources poses health risks to the population as evidenced by the incidences of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. Therefore, access to Quality Water Services is a Right of every Tanzanian. The Authority shall strike the balance between the social principle of the Right to Access Safe and Clean Water and her objective of Optimum Revenue Collection by ensuring that all Eligible Consumers have access to Quality Water Services at Reasonable and Affordable costs, and that Disconnection shall be carried out as a last resort after all the means to collect the Debt have failed. Those who are unable to have house connections shall be provided with alternative means to access Safe and Clean Water, including Water Kiosks Services. The Needs of the Low Income Groups will be addressed.

Considering that access to Quality Water Services is a Basic Need and Right for all human beings, all residents of Mwanza City including the disadvantaged groups will have access to Water Services as stipulated in the National Water Policy.