Frequently Asked Questions

Water Conservation Tips

  • 1.Check all faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks.
  • 2.Close the tap well and ensure there is no any water drops.
  • 3.When washing dishes don’t leave the water running for rinsing.
  • 4.Install water saving shower-heads and ultra-low flush toilets.
  • 5.Take shorter showers
  • 6.Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • 7.Use a broom to clean driveways, sidewalks and steps.

MWAUWASA Sewerage Application Procedures

The following are procedures for new waste water customer connection

Note that : Main criteria for connection to sewerage system the customer has to be connected to water system

a)Water customers having sewerage network within 30m are obliged to connect, however, those have nearby infrastructure can request for sewerage connection.

b)Applicants have to request for sewerage services to customer service unit at zone office or head quarter and provide name, plot (area) and account number if have water connection.

c)Technician will survey the area to assess the possibility of connection (levels design and establish BOQ). These data will be filled in an application form.

d)Technician will communicate to the applicant to inform on the survey results and cost including the connection fee.

e)The applicant will visit the office to get the proforma invoice and control number for payment.

f)The applicant will have to pay for connection fee and other costs of materials and labor charge as determined by BOQ.

g)After payment construction work will be carried out within not less than 7 working days. The technician will inform the Billing department of completion of connection for recording

New Water Connection

So as to be connected to our service (Water Connection), the followings have to be considered:

  1. Visit any nearest MWAUWASA Office
  2. Customer Service attendant will take few important details including your full name, plot and block number of the area where water is to be installed (for planned areas).
  3. Arrangements for the plumber to visit your site will be agreed so as to familiarize with the area and identify the nearest water tapping points possible.
  4. For areas where MWAUWASA pipeline is far away from the plot, you will be advised to request connection from your neighbor (who has connection).
  5. For distance not exceeding 50m, you will be asked to submit site plan, two (2) recent passport size photos.
  6. For distance exceeding 50m, the plumber will communicate the matter with the supervisor for discussions before being allowed to submit the items in 5 above.
  7. Quotations and a list of materials (pipes and fittings) required for connection will be prepared and provided for payment.
  8. You will submit the payment receipt at the new connections office, ready for installation water service.

PLEASE NOTE: Be aware of Con Men and always make sure you visit any MWAUWASA Offices or give us a call for clarifications

You can get your control number by using your mobile phone by dialing *152*00#


1. Choose no. 6 - WATER

2.Choose no. 4 - MWAUWASA

3. Choose no.1 - WATER PAYMENT

4. Insert your water account number

  1. You can reach us by dialing toll free number: 0800110023
  2. In case you need to report of water leakages, water theft etc please give us a call or visit any of our offices
  3. Inform any MWAUWASA staff on the matter for clarification and assistance