Clean Water Services

Source of our water

MWAUWASA abstracts raw water from Lake Victoria as a sole source of potable water supply to Mwanza City. The quality of raw water in the Lake can be affected by natural or anthropological chemical and microbiological pollutants, which make the raw water not safe for domestic uses and if used untreated can cause health disorders.

MWAUWASA’s intake abstract raw water by gravity from Lake Victoria using delivery pipes to the raw water sumps constructed on the Lake-shore. Using installed six low lift pumps, the raw water from the sumps is pumped to Capri Point Water Treatment Plant located about 500m uphill.

Conventional Water Treatment

MWAUWASA uses conventional water treatment technological processes for purification of drinking water. The water treatment involves the coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection processes are highly efficient in water treatment. The produced potable from Capri Point Water Treatment Plant meets both Tanzanian and WHO standards for drinking water in terms of physical, chemical and biological specifications requirements.

Water Quality Testing and Distribution

Before distributing the treated water for domestic and other uses, MWAUWASA’s staffs conduct tests on the treated water in the equipped Laboratory at the treatment plant to ascertain the quality of treated water. The potable water, which complies with specified Tanzanian and WHO standards for drinking water distributed to about 84,000-metered customers in Mwanza City and her peripherals via about 815 kilometers of distribution pipelines.